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ISO Certification

What is ISO Certification?

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification provides assurance that the organization is practicing internationally recognized management systems.

Who can take an ISO certificate?

Entities that are legally operating their business can apply for ISO Certifications.

Why do we need to opt for you as a certification provider?

SABCERT is a globally recognized renowned Certification Body, who performs third party audits and compliance verifications. The competency of resources are unparalleled and would add value to the organization who apply ISO Certificates through us.

What does ISO certification cost?

The cost of ISO certification depends upon factors such as type of certification, Size of organization, number of scope for audits, locations.

What is the validity period of the Certificate?

The certification cycle is 3 years, and the continuation of validity is based on the successful completion of the surveillance audit.

How can I validate the ISO Certificate?

If the certificate is issued by SABCERT, it can be verified by entering certificate details in our website https://www.sabcert.com/validation/

How long does it take to receive the original copy of the ISO Certificate?

The desirable time frame is 30 to 45 days from the date of the Certification Audit.

How does Organization obtain ISO Certification?

At the foremost, the organization must have an operating license, physical address, and active business. Having these in place, any organization can contact the certification body for a formal quote for systems assessment. There are 2 audits for the initial certification, Called Stage 1 or document review and Stage 2 respectively. In all probabilities, avoiding major non-conformances would lead to recommending for Certification.

What is an audit?

A scheduled inspection is to verify the effectiveness of management systems by an independent certification body.

What is non-conformance?

In an audit point of view, it is termed as  non-fulfillment of standard requirements, and deviation.

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