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ISO 31000 (Risk Management System)

Why ISO 31000 Certification?

Organizational Risk Management covers risks both operational and strategic in nature, with a special emphasis on process interface and progress over time.

Risk Management is an excellent tool for any business size of industry sector that would like to apply management system to classify and evaluate risks in order to ensure the operational control measures are taken in advance. The certification of Risk Management escalates the awareness of risk and opportunity.

Obtaining ISO 31000 certification shall promote risk based thinking within the organization and creates confidence on all interested parties of the organization. The certification will enhance organizations creditability, reputation and creates competitive edge in the market.

Benefits of ISO 31000 Certification

  • Increased confidence of all stakeholders
  • Effective risk management increases likelihood of achieving organizational goals
  • Reduce the uncertainty of outcomes
  • Ensures the resource availability
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Risk based thought process will be cultivated in the organisation
  • Easy integration with other management systems

Steps to obtain ISO 31000 Certification

  1. Application review
  2. Contract review and audit date announcement.
  3. Stage 1 Audit : Management systems review to ensure the readiness for certification
  4. Stage 2 Audit: SAB Certifications shall perform on-site audit to verify the established system and its compliance with Standard and legal requirements.
  5. Closure of Findings: The organization shall close all the findings derived from the audit process by sharing the root cause and corrective action report.
  6. Issuance of Certificate and Certification Mark: SAB Certifications shall issue ISO 31000 certification and certification mark with relevant usage policy.
  7. Surveillance audits:  Surveillance audit shall be performed by the SAB Certification as scheduled. The audit plan will be shared with client 30 days before the audit due date.

Choosing SAB as your certification partner:

We are one of the leading independent certification providers in various industries globally. Our objective is to empower the organization to classify and mitigate the risk involved in operations and business processes. Partnering with SAB for your ISO 31000 certification and adding more assurance that the organization is prepared to handle effective risk management systems.

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Standards (multiple select if applicable)

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 22301:2012

ISO 45001:2015

ISO 22000:2018

ISO 39001:2012

ISO 10002:2018

ISO 31000:2018



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